About us

A System to Chaos.

Kenton is a Tokyo based consulting design studio specializing in visual identity and UI/UX design. Our mission is to shape a new future with our clients who value the power of design, and our lifelong theme: to explore the beauty that is out of our league.

—What is the beauty? We think that it has a system with clear intentions. So, to design the system, we recognize current issues and do research, planning, prototyping and visual production in an integrated manner.

What we do

  • Strategy

    Before entering the market, we conduct research using hypothesis and prototyping to minimize risk and verify the specific needs and issues of users. And we view current issues and devise new business strategies.

  • Branding

    Clarify what kind of vision the brand has and what it should be to customers, and pursue the brand identity.

  • Interactive

    We design includes what is to be conveyed and to whom, and implement to share the worldview on a deeper level in Web-based expression.


  • Kent Matsui

    Consulting Designer

    Born in 1994. Kent have been very particular about beauty since he was a child, and back in junior high he used to explore beauty of his swing on the baseball team.

  • Ryo Murakami

    Consulting Engineer

    Born in 1991. Ryo is a collaborator who takes the best approach to current issues from the perspective of a server-side engineer. He proactively adopts new technologies to improving expertise and realize projects.